wo 22 november 2023, 15:30 17:00

Interactive lecture: The transition toward a circular economy


The transition to a circular economy is a top priority for both public policy and businesses. However, companies encounter significant hurdles in their journey towards circularity. To expedite this transition, the European Union has introduced the Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP), with a crucial component being Digital Product Passports.

This interactive workshop has two goals:

  1. Explore various difficulties that companies are facing while implementing circular practices;
  2. Explore the possible role of Digital Product Passports in  alleviating some of the difficulties.

The workshop will start by showcasing key findings from a transdisciplinary study conducted at the RUG and will continue with an interactive discussion where participants can share insights from their own companies and industries.

This activity is in English.


wo 22 november 2023, 15:30 17:00



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