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Experience yourself transformative social innovation in Performatory style


We’d love to have you join us for one LAB session in our Professional Expedition. This session is part of a 14-week journey (Professional Expedition) where students dive deep into their chosen topics. They explore, connect with experts, and engage with various forms of media. Each week, they come together to enrich their understanding. At the end of the 14 weeks, they share their insights and prototypes in a “Talk” with the community, expressing their professional stance on a global issue.

The Professional Expedition is part of Performatory, where we like to break free from traditional thinking to find fresh solutions to societal issues. We believe in the power of networks, connections, and embracing complexity. These ideas are not new, but we take a bold approach not teaching them but activating them as we teach.

At Performatory, we ditch the rigid structures like traditional classrooms, rigid subjects, and exams. Instead, we co-design education with all involved, embracing the chaos, which leads to innovative and meaningful ways of learning. Our goal is to transform students into agents of positive change, connecting them deeply with real-world issues.

We’re a community of young, optimistic individuals within the Transformative Social Innovation program at Breda University. Our community thrives on the balance between personal autonomy, relational engagement and a supportive network. Sharing stories and experiences helps our students grow.


do 23 november 2023, 13:00 16:30



Breda University of Applied Sciences
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Breda University of applied sciences, Academy for Leisure, Performatory

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