Ethics and the Teaching of Economics

This publication by Lans Bovenberg and Mathijs Nicolai gives high school economics teachers tools to give ethics, identity, citizenship and broad welfare a place in their economics education. The publication takes the current final exam program as a starting point and explains which developments call for more attention to ethics. Subsequently, various (game) examples provide tools to [...]

Teaching material: CORE Econ

CORE Econ is free and publicly accessible learning materials that provide introductory economics lessons that focus on current social challenges such as rising inequality, climate change, concerns about the future of work and financial instability.

Actually, everything in our daily lives has to do with economics

During Economics Education Week 2023, fourth-year Economics Teacher Education students Eva Koot and Dirk Ridder organized the World Trade Game workshop. How do these two economics teachers of the future think about their discipline? Should new emphases perhaps be placed?

The New World: Man is more than homo economicus

As part of the Week of Economics Education, Govert Buijs speaks to Emeritus Professor of Economics Lans Bovenberg. According to him, the image of man as homo economicus has done more harm than good and it is precisely working together that makes us human. This does require trust, which Lans Bovenberg calls our most important capital. Also, the economy must get rid [...]

This teacher finds economics teaching too one-sided

Nice article that appeared on MaatschapWij as part of Economics Education Week. In the article, economics teacher Bastiaan van der Broek is clear: economics education needs a thorough polish. He then explains how he himself integrates new economic thinking into his lessons.

Retrospective symposium: Whose Economics Education?

On Oct. 12, 2023, the symposium "Whose Economics Education?" was held as a preview of Economics Education Week. At the end of the day, Ine Mols summed up the day in a spoken word performance she made during the day.  

Regional cooperation on future-oriented economic vocational education

The field of work for college and university economics students is changing. Globally, the emphasis of many businesses is shifting from "continuing to grow" to "continuing to exist. Occupations in economic support are disappearing and appearing, and technological and social developments are affecting the field. It is important for economic educators to anticipate this and look at how [...]

Forward-looking economics education tackles contemporary issues

The September issue of the professional magazine From 12 to 18 published an article on the occasion of the Week of Economics Education. In the article Mathijs Nicolai (economics teacher at the Christelijk Lyceum Apeldoorn) and Theo Roos (business economics teacher at the Fons Vitae Lyceum in Amsterdam) tell how they seek - and find! - to [...]

Article: A rich economics lesson is about more than money

In the September issue of the Journal of Economic Education, an article appeared following Economy Education Week. The article underscores how important college students are to the growing group of companies committed to sustainability and inclusiveness. Provided they are prepared for this in their education. The article features two practitioners [...]


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