Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Week of Economic Education is all about future-proof economic education. It is the place to be for education professionals from secondary schools, vocational schools, universities of applied sciences and universities of applied sciences who are working on economic education that fits in with the world of tomorrow. The Week of Economic Education offers them the opportunity to meet, learn and inspire each other.

The first national Week of Economics Education will take place from November 14 to 18, 2022. During this week education professionals will find inspiration and tools in future-proofing their economics education. Throughout the week, activities will take place in which good examples are shown, new economic principles are discussed and education professionals can meet each other. Education professionals and institutions that have taken steps in future-proofing their economics education will have their say. Their stories offer inspiration and tools for others to apply in their own practice. The week concludes with a festive closing event.

There are several ways you can participate in Economics Education Week:
  1. Open your doors! During the week of November 14 through 18, 2022, organize an activity that revolves around future-proof economics education. You decide what this activity looks like. It can range from large to small, from a workshop or webinar to a tour or excursion. Or theme an already planned event around inclusive, sustainable and future-proof economics education. Sign up your activity on our website to get on the national calendar. You can still sign up.
  2. Bring attention to Economics Education Week (internally or externally). For example, come up with a fun action for your students or teachers, or bring out an announcement or teaching materials during 'the Week'. By working together in communication, we strengthen each other. #Weekvanheteconomieonderwijs

At the top of this page (or here) you will find a sign up button for your activity. The sooner your activity is registered on the calendar, the better we can include it in the national recruitment of visitors.

We put the Week to which you link your event in the spotlight with national attention in the (professional) media. In addition, your activity will be given a place in our calendar. We could really use your help in drawing attention to the Week in general and to your activity in particular! You can use our communication toolkit for this purpose (click here). This toolkit contains tips, texts, the logo in different formats, a Canva template etc. Use the toolkit to invite your network, inform colleagues or students and get attention from the (regional) press. Together, we're creating buzz around Economics Education Week! #Weekofeconomic education

Activities will take place from November 14 through November 18, 2022. The earlier your event is registered on the agenda, the better we can include it in the national recruitment of visitors. Preferably your activity is therefore on the website in September. That is also when we start recruiting visitors.

Economics Education Week takes place throughout the Netherlands. Physically and online. From a webinar in Groningen to an excursion in Zeeland. The location of the kick-off and closing events will be posted on the website as soon as possible.

Anyone involved in forward-looking economics education can participate. By organizing an activity themselves, or by signing up for activities organized by others.

Activities are organized by organizations and individuals who are actively pursuing future-proof economics education. Any organization or individual who can identify with this is welcome to participate, whether you are a starter or an expert. Share what you are proud of or just your learning points.

Economics Education Week 2022 is from Monday, November 14 through Friday, November 18, 2022.

This is entirely up to you. Especially show what you are proud of or what you yourself have learned. An activity can vary from large to small, from workshop or lunch meeting to guided tour, demonstration or conference. This can of course also be done online or in shifts for smaller groups of visitors. And consider the possibility of thematizing an already planned activity around inclusive, sustainable and future-proof economy education.

The activity is (in principle) free for visitors and deals with content on socially sustainable future-proof economy education. Preferably:
  • ... is the activity free for visitors;
  • ... the activity focuses primarily on education professionals  ;
  • ... the activity is about economics education at the levels vo/mbo/hbo/wo;
  • ... the activity is inviting and offers concrete tools to activate them to make economy education social, sustainable and future-proof;
  • ... includes the activity as much as possible interaction and practical elements that visitors can use to get started on their own;
  • .... inspires and the activity looks at the future of economics education
  • ... give you follow-up to the visitors.

So you can also sign up for an activity that takes place during Economics Education Week. The activities will be listed on this page, for each activity you can sign up using the sign up button. You can sign up now Register for the Economics Education Week newsletter to stay up to date on activities!

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