Week of Economics Education

It is important that economics education in secondary schools, mbo's, colleges and universities innovates to stay connected to society and the field in which inclusion and sustainability are increasingly important. To support and accelerate this renewal, we are organizing Leren voor Morgen, The Green Brain and Our New Economy, with support from the Goldschmeding Foundation the national Week of Economics Education. During this week, education professionals will find inspiration and tools in future-proofing their economics education. The third edition of Economy Education Week will take place from Nov. 18-22, 2024.

Future-proof economy education

Economic thinking in society and in the workplace is shifting. Yet leaders and workers of the future are primarily taught classical economic theories at school and in their studies. Students are mostly educated with a one-sided economic thinking framework, while the world of tomorrow requires people who can see from different perspectives. Fortunately, there is increasing attention to supplementing the curriculum with theories that focus on human welfare and the health of our planet. At the same time, we see that adapting economics education offerings for individual education professionals is quite complicated.

Week of Economics Education

Much is already happening in various educational institutions to pay attention to new economic theories in the curriculum of economics education - within the national frameworks - and thereby make education more future-proof. During Economy Education Week, these initiatives are given a stage. Throughout the week, activities take place in which good examples are shown, new economic principles are discussed and education professionals can meet each other. Education professionals and institutions that have taken steps in future-proofing their economics education will have their say. Their stories offer inspiration and tools for others to apply in their own practice. The week concludes with a festive closing event.

About the organization

Economics Education Week is organized by Leren voor Morgen, The Green Brain and Our New Economy, and made possible in part by the Goldschmeding Foundation.

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