Thu, 23 November 2023, 15:30 - 18:00

Lecture: economics and citizenship by Lans Bovenberg


Last spring, Prof. Dr. Lans Bovenberg took his leave as professor at Tilburg University. He did so by delivering his farewell speech, "Citizenship and sustainability in economics education: about connection, meaning and happiness." In this speech, Bovenberg argues that citizenship and economics education in secondary schools should go hand in hand. During this lecture, Bovenberg will take you further into this theme.

The lecture begins with an introduction by Ton van Haperen (Rythovius College). Then Bovenberg takes over with his lecture on economics and citizenship. The lecture also offers insight into collaboration of these subjects during lessons and projects. After the lecture there will be room to ask questions and talk afterwards over a drink.

You can attend this lecture on location or digitally.

About Lans Bovenberg
Lans Bovenberg is one of the most innovative and leading economists in the Netherlands and abroad. As of 2016, he was appointed to the F.J.D. Goldschmeding Chair focused on the renewal of economics education. Economics then is the science that examines the steering of life toward prosperity. His renewal of the subject involves a focus it on social themes, such as sustainability and ethics. In his farewell speech, Bovenberg showed that economics education lends itself well to teaching citizenship. Economics as the art of cooperation, from a more relational view of the citizen, focused on cooperation and reciprocity for material and immaterial prosperity.

Bovenberg is still active and publishes in various fields: public finance, macroeconomics and monetary economics, pensions and aging, environmental economics, institutional and financial economics, labor market, labor and care, health care, culture and economics, theology and economics, social security as well as privatization and market forces.





Thu, 23 November 2023, 15:30 - 18:00



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